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Theriault Named Co-Editor of a Bibliographic Review on Genocide

April 30, 2013
By: WSU News

Henry Theriault (Philosophy) has been named co-editor of Transaction Publishing’s genocide studies series, Genocide:  A Critical Bibliographic Review.  He and his co-editor, Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey of the University of Pennsylvania, will begin their editorial tenure with the 11th book in the series, Controversies in Genocide Studies. Founded by Irving Louis Horowitz, Transaction Publishing is the world-renowned publisher of major works in political theory, sociology, and genocide and human rights studies.

The special issue of the peer-reviewed Armenian Review on the global reparations movement guest-edited by Theriault (53:1-4, Spring-Winter 2012) was just published. The special issues features expansions of papers given at the December 10, 2005, International Symposium on Reparations held at Worcester State by the Center for the Study of Human Rights, co-organized by Dr. Dennis Brutus and Theriault, as well as an essay dedicating the special issue to Dr. Brutus and an introduction highlighting the importance of the Worcester State symposium for the global reparations movement.  Theriault’s “From Dialogue to Repair:  Resolving the ‘Armenian Question’” is included in the special issue.

Theriault just returned from a two-day convention of experts on the Armenian Genocide and comparative genocide studies held in Yerevan, Armenia, and hosted by the Republic of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, the major genocide research center in Armenia. The experts present presented their recent research as well as ideas for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide in 1915.  The group will continue to develop plans for academic and public events and projects.

Other recent appearances include an invited November 22, 2012, presentation of “Reparations as a Solution to the Impossibilities Introduced by Past Harms” at the “Genocidal Practices and State Violence through a Transdisciplinary Perspective” Colloquium at the Instituto de Investigaciones en Diversidad Cultural y Procesos de Cambio in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina, , and the invited presentation on November 2, 2012, of “Difficult Dialogues:  Perpetrators, Victims, Power, and the Legacies of Mass Violence” at the 2nd World Humanities Forum in Busan, Republic of Korea

Other recent publications and publications in press include:

“Hell Is for Children:  The Impact of Genocide on Young Armenians,” Genocide:  A Critical Bibliographic Review, Vol. 10, The Plight and Fate of Children Prior to, During, and Following Genocide, edited by Samuel Totten (Transaction Publishers, forthcoming)

“The Challenge of the Armenian Genocide for 21st Century Turkey:  Responsibility and Reparation Toward Resolution,” in Proceedings of the “1915 Within Its Pre- and Post-historical Periods:  Denial and Confrontation” Symposium (in Turkish, forthcoming)

“Forced Moral Responsibility and Perpetrator-Victim Group Conciliation,” in Proceedings of the UCSIA International Workshop:  “Preventing Genocide:  Root Causes and Coping Strategies” (forthcoming)

“Restorative Justice and Alleviating the Consequences of Genocide,” in The Armenian Genocide and International Law, edited by Antranik Dakessian (forthcoming)

“Denial of Ongoing Atrocities as a Rationale for Not Attempting to Prevent or Intervene,” in Genocide:  A Critical Bibliographic Review, Vol. 9, Impediments to the Prevention and Intervention of Genocide, edited by Samuel Totten (Transaction Publishers, 2013)

Five “Analyze” articles in Modern Genocide:  Understanding Causes and Consequences, publisher ABC-CLIO’s new web-based genocide learning resource (2012, http://moderngenocide.abc-clio.com/):

“Genocide Prevention:  Studies and Recommendations”

“International Indifference to East Timor:  U.S., British, and Australian Support of Indonesia”

“Kurdistan and Genocide: Role of Turkish Policy Regarding Kurdish Statehood”

“Recognition of the Armenian Genocide:  Diplomacy and Denial: Reluctance to Recognize the Armenian Genocide”

“UN Definition of Genocide: Definition of Genocide Still Viable?”

Finally, Theriault’s first published short fiction work, “The Myth of the Drooling Death,” was one of the narratives accompanying the 10 art installations comprising “The Myths of Rochester,” which was New Hampshire Magazine’s “Editor’s Pick” as the best New Hampshire public art project of 2012.

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